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Evo Questions

How do I use Evo Gloss?

Apply an even application of gloss, cure for 30 seconds, rest for a few seconds before wiping the sticky layer.

Can I use Evo Gloss over Bio Sculpture?

Yes, the Gloss is compatible with Bio Sculpture. 

I've ordered the Evo mood colours, is the application any different to normal Evo?

No, just make sure the colours have been shaken and mixed well before application. There is a metal ball inside the bottles to assist with mixing.

With the EVO gel range is it essential I use the cleanser and remover sachets or can I use dual cleanser and gel remover?

The sachets are easy to use with Evo to give a quick less mess treatment, but yes you can use your Cleanser and Remover.

Do I use the Nail Treatments (Vitamin Dose and Executive Base) under Evo?

You do not need to use our Nail Treatments under Evo however if you did a soak off and found that your client would benefit from a Nail Treatment Product then you can apply.

Bio Sculpture Questions

What file do I need to use for my gel removal?

We have a few Files for you to choose from: A Power Buff (100/180 grit), Black teardrop file (100/180 grit) or a Blue patch for the Hygienic file handles (100 grit).

How can I improve my removal / soak off process?

Make sure you apply a thin layer of Executive Base to the centre of the nail, allow to dry before gel application.

Nail Art Questions

I was advised to have a separate Base and Top Coats for glitters. Do I need separate Base and Top Coats for light and dark colours or with Evo can I clean the brush before putting it back in the bottle?

When using loose glitter we recommend using a Prep Dish so you can off-load gel, glitters and other nail art gems to keep your pots and areas clean.  The dish can be cleaned out with a wipe and Dual Cleanser. Wipe your Evo Brushes before putting back into your bottle. If you have an old bottle of Base or Gloss you can use that when working with nail art.

Can you buy the chrome powder from Bio Sculpture, if so how do you use it?

  1. Prepare nails
  2. Apply Bio or Evo Base - Cure and wipe
  3. Apply 2 layer of Bio or Evo colours 2mm away from the cuticle and sides. Cure each layer.
  4. Apply Chrome Catalyst and seal the free edge cure BUT DO NOT WIPE
  5. Blend the chrome powder onto the catalyst and polish to a high shine
  6. Apply Soft or Evo Base – Cure
  7. Apply Evo Gloss

Tips:   Different base colours will create different effects.

General Questions

What does seasoning the brush mean?

To season or prime your brush means to prepare your brush in a little Base Gel before application, it softens the bristles and aligns them nicely.

How should I clean my brushes during and after treatments?

Clean you brushes with a little dual cleanser on a nail wipe and make sure the brush is completely dry before application.

Do I clean my Evo bottle necks and Bio Gel jar necks with Dual Cleanse?

You can clean your bottles and pots with dual cleanser and a nail wipe but make sure you don't get any solution into the bottle or pots.

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